Can I stop yet?

Busy day so far. Woke up this morning and decided to take Lucky on a 2 mile walk. Got back home and was just starting to relax when my son needed more water at work. He worked outside from 8am-3pm. Now he’s working inside until 6. Long work day but he said he’s fine with it because “money”. Walked up with his water and walked back home. Talked to Venus for a bit and ate taco meat with shredded cheese and Town House crackers for brunch.

Got another text for lunch from my son. Went (drove) to Kolache Factory and took him his food. Came back home and decided to keep pulling wallpaper off. I pulled a huge chunk off and look what was under the paper. Ugh!

Lovely mold

Got on the Home Depot app and did a pickup order for mold spray, Kilz, and a wallpaper scraper. As I was getting ready to walk out the door to go pick them up, my Mom stops me and asks for help. She never closes apps on her phone and said she doesn’t know how. I showed her and then just did it myself. I opened her internet browser and she had probably 50 windows on it too so I closed all but one. I told her where I was headed and she says, “Oh, the fridge and freezer aren’t cooling”. I noticed that too. I had a little ice cream yesterday and it was only about half frozen.

Since her fridge is from 2009 and the ice maker hasn’t worked for over 5 years, we probably just need a new one rather than try to have this serviced just to break again in a month or 2. She agreed and gave me her Home Depot credit card and I got to pick out our new fridge. I walked around the store for 15 minutes and nobody came to assist me. I walked up to the front and asked a guy working if he would please send someone back there. He did, the assistant store manager came and helped me. Since it wasn’t my card, he had to call my mom to verify I could use it (that’s fine with me, please watch out for people). I picked out a beautiful fridge and the only issue is that it won’t be delivered until June 15th! Eek!!! So I’m going to cook most of what we have and store them rest in the work fridge and freezer.

I’m so excited!

My son text me that his water bottle busted and he had no water again while I was at the store. On my way back home, I stopped at a Stop and Go to get him water and me a beer. I speak with the manager because I’ve known him a long time (I used to live right by this store and went there often) and then headed out. I open the door and one of my neighbors is there. She’s a little elderly Asian woman and she and her husband have known me since I was little. She saw me and says “Oh Thank God, my angel!” Umm, okay?

I love this water bottle but oh well, it’s trash now.

My neighbors car had just stopped on a Main Street. She got some guys to push it into the Stop and Go by a gas pump because she thought she needed gas. She tries but her tank is full. She was nervous about leaving it and wanted to push it into a parking spot. I can’t do that. Her phone won’t call her husband so I try and the call won’t go through. I call their house number and she leaves a voicemail saying Pick up! I’m stuck! But he didn’t answer. I went inside with her and asked the manager about pushing it into a spot and he says to leave it there. We left it there and I took her home. Then I drove over to the gym and gave my son his water. I got home finally and had to rest. No air conditioning in your car sucks in this heat!

I got up after drinking my beer, sprayed the mold stuff on the wall, and went downstairs to do dishes. Got those done and came back up and wiped down the wall. It’s not nearly as bad but I’m going to have to do it again. That’s okay. I need to cook some food anyway.

Tomorrow I am going to move food to the office, cook more and put that in the office fridge, and keep scraping off this wallpaper. I’m going to have to clean and sand the walls before I can paint because this wallpaper is not coming off easily and there are old paint spots next to plain drywall, next to where the entire piece came off. This is a bigger project than I thought!

I’m done with the walls for today. I gotta go cook. Have a good evening!


  1. John says:

    You’ve been very busy! Gotta kill that mold, so bad for you. Vegas hasn’t had 100+ yet but it’s close!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. hartlife1973 says:

      It is! I’m getting it done today. Don’t want it to spread. Oh, you will soon I’m sure. I’m thankful that we are supposed to have a couple of rainy days this week.


  2. So, wait..Both your water bottles broke? That sucks.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. hartlife1973 says:

      Just the one pictured


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